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Subcommittees are the lifeblood of the American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea. Subcommittees meet on a regular basis and drive Chamber activities, including events, advocacy documents, and information sharing.  Subcommittees allow members to shape the agenda of the AmCham in issues relevant to their own business sectors and represent the interests of a diverse business community in the Coral Sea. 

Any AmCham member of good standing may join a subcommittee. For AmCham members interested in joining a subcommittee, please speak to a member of the Committee or staff or contact

Current Subcommittees

Membership Subcommittee


The Membership Subcommittee recruits new members by developing a sustainable growth plan and monitoring member retention; monitor member needs and membership value; recommending adjustments to benefits and services; considering membership recruitment and retention strategies; and reviewing membership applications and recommend approval to the full Committee.


  • John Nilkare, Secretary of the Committee 

  • Ian Clough, Committee Member at-Large  

  • Ryan Mikkelson, Committee Member at-Large  

  • Duncan Lowe, Founding Member 

  • Tom Solly, Founding Member 

Finance Subcommittee


The Finance Subcommittee prepares the annual budget, monitors the budget and ensures that reports are presented to the Committee and reflected in the meeting minutes. The Subcommittee oversees processes and policies that guide and protect financial resources and interfaces with the independent CPA conducting an annual external audit.

    • Dianne Peliokai, Treasurer of the Committee 

    • Wayne Osterberg, Committee Member at-Large 

    • Duncan Lowe, Committee Member at-Large

Governance Subcommittee


The Governance Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the governing documents of the AmCham and for recommending revisions and amendments to the Committee.​

  • Peter Larden, President of the Committee 

  • Peter Burnie, Vice-President of the Committee 

  • John Nilkare, Secretary of the Committee 

  • Dianne Peliokai, Treasurer of the Committee 

  • Bryan Wareing, Committee Member at-Large

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